No Grid – No Problem.

The Solar Solution We can provide you with a renewable energy solution that is the perfect alternative to a grid connection

Totally self-sufficient

You will be in complete control of your energy supply. Any electricity produced by your PV and storage technology will only be consumed by you. You will be supplied with free green energy for the lifetime of your system.

Reliable energy supply

We will design you a system that will meet your energy requirements. You will not have to worry about potential power cuts, as your system will provide you with a continuous automated supply of energy, 24/7.

Scalable to match your needs

The great advantage of being off-grid is that there are no limitations on the size of your system. Also, there are no lengthy waits or huge bills to pay, as you won’t need permission from the National Grid. Our systems are designed to be easily modified so if your energy demand increases in the future, your system is easily expandable.

Protection from volatile energy prices

Solar PV provides you with a sustainable, off-grid solution. You do not need to worry about the ever-rising cost of energy, as you will be generating your energy from the sun.

Take care of the environment

By switching from generating your energy from fossil fuels which release a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, to clean green renewable energy generated from the sun, you will be helping to prevent climate change and improve air quality for everyone.

Full visibility and control

Using the Victron monitoring portal you will be able to monitor the performance of your system both live time and historically. This means you always know how much battery power you have, as well as keeping an eye on the efficiency of your system using your smartphone, tablet or desk top.

We can help you generate off-grid energy.


Solar PV Panels.

A Solar PV panel will convert the suns energy into electricity which can be used to power your home. The more you have the more energy you will produce. We will take many factors into consideration when recommending the number of panels, you should have installed such as your power requirements and the amount of space you have available. There are many ways to install solar panels at your property. You can attach them onto your existing roof, inset them into your new roof so that they form part of the roof structure or have them installed on the ground with a cable connecting them to your property. We will advise you on the best solution for your property.

Battery Storage.

There are many types of off-grid batteries available, from cheap and cheerful lead acid batteries, eco-friendly salt water batteries and lithium-ion technology, to name a few. Whilst historically lead acid was the main storage technology available, off-grid energy technology has become more intelligent and increasingly automated, and now works better with lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion has a high C rating which means it is fast to charge and discharge, plus you can use 100% of the battery’s stated capacity (you cannot fully discharge a lead acid battery). In addition, lithium batteries cope with larger loads, last longer in terms of the amount of cycles, are smaller and lighter, and quite frankly, look better!

Charge Controller.

A robust solar PV charge controller is required for DC coupled off-grid systems, ensuring maximum energy is drawn from your solar panels using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and to regulate the flow of PV energy to the inverter/charger when there is over production. We use charge controllers that have a VRW online portal that integrates data with the monitoring portal for full visibility of PV production.

Inverter Charger.

Automated and intelligent, this is the hardest working part of an off-grid solar battery/storage system. Responsible not only for managing the inversion process for the different sources of energy (PV panels, storage, back-up generator, hydro, wind etc), the inverter/charger also manages the flow of energy to ensure a balance between battery charging and loads. We always recommend leading technology that comes with remote monitoring and control, enabling full visibility via a smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor the status of your system. We can remotely adjust the automated functions as your lifestyle habits change, or trouble shoot if there is ever an issue.

Why Off Grid Engineering
is the preferred choice.

Here at Off Grid Engineering we feel our knowledge, experience & passion in all things off-grid sets us apart from our competition.
Here are the reasons why we are the number one choice for all Off-grid projects:


Off-Grid Specialists

Unlike many of our competitors we specialise solely in off-grid systems. This gives us the upper hand when it comes to having the knowledge and experience required to ensure you constantly have an uninterrupted power supply 24/7, 365 days of the year. The integration of solar PV, batteries and a generator is best left to highly skilled, specialist engineers.


Bespoke System

When it comes to when and how we require energy, everyone is unique. There are many aspects to consider. We always take your lifestyle into consideration and then design the perfect solution for you. Whether you are looking to go blue water sailing or use a heat pump in your home, we have got you covered.


Future Proofed

None of us can predict the future. With technology being ever changing it is hard to predict what your energy usage will be in a few years’ time. With our modular system, you can relax safe in the knowledge that we can easily add to your existing system if your energy demand grows. So, you don’t need to worry if you have plans to switch to an electric vehicle or explore the inland waterways of Europe.


Expert Monitoring

Once we have completed your installation our relationship does not end there. We will continually monitor your system, and offer instant remote diagnosis and technical support to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency for life. Due to the unique way, this product is powered by your battery bank you can be confident that you won’t lose connectivity.


App-Based Reporting

It is always nice to feel in control. We will provide you with access to the Victron Energy web based monitoring portal. This will allow you to look at data on your systems performance both historical and live time, using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. We will help guide you through the portal so you will have a thorough understanding of your personal power supply.


Turnkey Solution

During any project, it is much simpler to have one point of contact. Here at Off Grid Engineering we will manage the entire project for you from design, to installation and then continue with ongoing monitoring. As we do not sub-contract you can be confident that all the work will be carried out by experienced off-grid engineers.