Check out this video as we revisit an existing customer 16 months later and evaluate the system performance.

Self-build project, Shaftesbury

Vanessa and Bruce Janion started their self build project back in 2018. They have converted a large agricultural building into their 5 bedroom family home just outside of Shaftesbury. After being surprised by a huge quote of between £60k -£160k to connect to the national grid, Vanessa and Bruce were thoroughly relieved to learn that an off grid solar system would be able to power their home. In this video we look at how the 80 panel system with over 40kWh of battery storage has performed. Using the Victron VRM Monitoring Portal we are able to review how much energy the system has produced along with how often the LPG back up generator has been required.

We also go into detail on how the system has been designed along with how Bruce and Vanessa have found living off-grid. Here at Off Grid Engineering, we specialise in installing power solutions or homes and businesses without a connection to the National Grid along with complete power solutions for the marine and inland waterway industry and the camper van and RV sectors. If you have a project you would like to discuss with our team please get in touch on 03337722659 or complete your details in the box below.